CLI Tools

The following were installed using HomeBrew:

  • cloc: count lines of code
  • pandoc: swiss-army knife of text formats (WordX to HTML to Latex to Markdown etc. to PDF)
  • cowsay: mandatory
  • docker: containerized deployment / development
  • fortune: mandatory
  • heroku: Deploy web apps
  • hexyl: view hex code
  • htop: view system resources
  • hugo: build static website
  • lolcat: mandatory
  • mongoose / mongodb: JSON-based database
  • neofetch: view system info
  • node: server-side javascript, NPM (basically mandatory for a modern developer)
  • qemu: lightweight VM
  • zsh: the preferred shell
  • youtube-dl: download Youtube videos

The following were installed using HomeBrew Cask:

  • font-fira-code: Fira Code Font
  • font-ibm-plex: IBM Plex Font
  • qbittorrent: preferred torrenting client
  • vagrant: VM for development

The following were installed using NPM:

  • gatsby-cli: static website development
  • now: web-app / static website deployment
  • pure-prompt: Nice prompt for shell
  • serve: quickly serve directory on localhost
  • surge: static website deployment

The following packages were installed using Pip:

  • seaborn: Make beautiful plots in Python
  • scipy / numpy / numba: scientific libraries
  • jupyter: notebook for Python